Welcome to AgBee, a small apiary located in southeast Virginia! 

Being a small, family owned apiary provides us the ability to focus on the specific needs of each hive.  We use no chemicals in our hives and in addition to pollinating fruit and vegetable crops, our bees are surrounded by acres of clover, wildflowers and timber providing the busy bees the best sources for making the flavorful, all natural sweetener... Natural Wildflower Honey! 

In addition to our focus on Natural Wildflower Honey, we also produce a compliment of high quality beeswax products including beeswax candles, soaps and lotion bars.

We hope you enjoy our Natural Wildflower Honey and Beeswax Products!

Nothing's sweeter and healthier than all natural wildflower honey.  Maintaining the highest quality, our honey is fresh from our hives and full of flavor. 


Quality & flavor

Honey Bees are a critical part of the food supply as numerous fruit, vegetable, and nut crops depend on honey bees for pollination.  Our hives help to pollinate strawberry, blueberry and melon crops.

All of our hives our located on local, family farms.  This is a beneficial relationship for our bees where they provide these farms with a critical pollinator while collecting nectar for our natural honey.

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